Loki Charms Cereal to Offer Marshmallows as They Are Cavite-Inducing Infinity Stones

The God of Evil captures the hearts, stars, and horses of the horse as if it were a cardboard with the flavor of cardboard Infinity Stones. In a new corporate crossover sure to be loved by kids and dentists, Marvel has teamed up with General Mills to release a limited edition Lucky Charms cereal called – you guessed it – Loki Charms

The promotion will take place on June 9, where same day that the new series Loki carried Disney + with its glorious purpose. That could be a show significant injuries for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the changes to Lucky Charms are only skinny in depth. While the cereal and marshmallows will remain immovable, the cereal box will boast a megalomaniacal Asgardian replacement for the usual leprechaun, along with the actor. Tom Hiddlestondark face tearing from the side.

Via Nerdist, Only 3,500 boxes of Loki Charms will be available. It sells for $ 8 at 11:00 a.m. ET via Fun Delicious website, even if a presale starts at 9:00 am ET for correct encryption password predictions. Check the re-designed cereal box below.

There may be a hole waiting under this pot of gold, but the future properties of the MCU should be much greater. Before the end of the year, the MCU won’t just add Loki, but also Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Chloe Zhao’s eternal, ug Spider-Man: Way Pauli.

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