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Grandma Sheen17, and Same Sheen, 18, was recently spotted on an amazing outing in Malibu, CA and seemed content and happy. the sisters Appearing on a double date at Howdy’s restaurant and flashing smiles as they walked out of the location with the others. They were dressed casually, including a white long-sleeved button-down sweater over a green top, dark gray sweatpants, and black Grandma sneakers, and a white Budweiser top T-shirt, tan cargo pants, and black Sami sneakers.

Grandma Sheen, Sami Sheen
Lola and Sami on their double date. (RMBI / BACKGRID)

Women also have different hairstyles. Lola wore her hair down and parted in the middle and Sami wore her hair in two loose braids. The former also carried a brown purse while the latter carried a black purse over one shoulder and added sunglasses to her overall look.

Grandma Sheen, Sami Sheen
Another picture of Lola and Sami during the outing. (RMBI / BACKGRID)

Lola and Sami are rarely photographed on outings together, so their time at the restaurant was a bit of a surprise. When they are not together, they make headlines by themselves or with a partner their parents, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. Just three weeks ago, Sami was getting attention for rocking white bikini and Santa hat while taking photos in the snow in Montana. He shared them with Instagram and joked in the caption. “The grinch stole my dress this year,” she wrote.

A few months before Sami posted her winter-themed photos, Lola also got attention for posting photos of himself while cycling in Hawaii. She wore denim overalls over a bikini top and sneakers and let her long blonde hair down. She also put a flower in her hair as she posed against a tree in the beautiful outdoor area.

In addition to Lola and Sami, Denise is the mother of his daughter Eloise11, whom she adopted in 2011. She raised him with her husband Aron Phypers and always share happy moments in their lives like he did with Lola and Sami. Charlie is also the father of her daughter Cassandra38, and 13-year-old twin sons, Max and Bob.

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