Lucinda Williams Suffered A Stroke Last Year

Lucinda Williams suffered a stroke in November 2020, Rolling Stone reports. Williams experienced a hemorrhage across part of his brain on Nov. 17 that affected the left side of his body, and was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. After a month of therapy at a rehand center in Vanderbilt, he was released on Dec. 21. Now six months into his recovery, Williams walks with a cane, cannot play guitar, and continues to experience pain in his left side. Her husband Tom Overby said there were no signs of brain damage and hoped he would recover completely.

Williams, who turned 68 in January, was originally scheduled to perform at the Mile 0 Festival in Key West, Florida, last weekend, but canceled the appearance last month. Williams plans to return to the show this summer; his tour the opening for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit is scheduled to begin July 19 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her cover of Sharon Van Etten’s “Save Yourself”Appears on Van Etten’s covers of the LP epic Ten in March. His later LP Good Souls Better Angels released in April 2020.

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