Ludi Lin’s Mortal Kombat In The Fight Against Anti-Asian Anger

Mortal Kombat star Playing Lin spoke about spreading love for the Asian community after last month shooting at most massage parlors in the Atlanta area who took the lives of six Asian women.

The “proud Chinese-Canadian” actor, whose action roles this year as well Power Rangers and Aquaman, spoke to E! News about what his experience was like at work Mortal Kombat, based on the popular video game franchise. In the film, Ludi plays skilled fighter Liu Kang, who also appears in the games.

“It’s almost reliable, being born in China, and growing up there, I never thought I was a kid, playing video games like s, lived my dream, “the actor, 33, told E! News in an exclusive video.

Someone she’s more excited to be involved in the film? His mother. “It’s good to show him the reality of the matter, and show him that it’s no longer believable,” he said. “Maybe I watched him [watch the movie], more than I saw it in him. “

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