Lupine III, Cat’s Eye CG Crossover Anime Gets Trailer & Release Window

A new crossover anime has appeared Lupine III and Cat’s Eye is coming, as TMS announced Thursday that it will create a crossover set that will debut exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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The anime, titled Lupine III vs Cat’s Eyewill debut sometime in 2023 on the streamer and will see two iconic thieves team up for a grand heist.

Check out the trailer and poster for Lupine III vs Cat’s Eye below:

The anime crossover news comes as both anime celebrate major milestones, with this year marking the 50th anniversary of Lupine III anime, while the Cat’s Eye The manga celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. According to TMS, the anime will be set to Cat’s EyeThe period of 1980 and will focus on Cat’s Eye sisters who tried to steal three paintings that Lupin was also looking at.

According to TMS Entertainment, Kanichi Kurita and Keiko Toda will both reprise their roles as Lupine III and Hitomi Kisugi, respectively. Originally released in 1981, Cat’s Eye became a hit manga that was quickly adapted into an anime that ran for two seasons and has since been adapted into various live-action films since its creation.

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The original Lupine is the 3rd The manga was created by Monkey Punch and inspired five previous anime series, including a spin-off Lupine III: The Woman Called Mine by Fujiko.

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