Mac DeMarco Announces New Album Five Easy Hot Dogs

Mac DeMarco announced a new album of instrumentals recorded during a 2022 road trip. He did Five Easy Hot Dogs during a trip from his hometown of Los Angeles to a cabin in Utah, which he thought was “like touring, except without any shows, and [he’d] just burn money.” The song titles correspond to the cities where they were produced, and it will arrive on January 20, with vinyl editions following on May 12. Check out the tracklist below.

DeMarco explained the road trip in a press release: “Some places I stay longer than others, some I know from the past, some not so much. I try to always be busy the things. If I don’t know what’s going on in a city, I just walk around until someone recognizes me and go from there. I meet a lot of interesting people this way, and have a lot of cool experiences .

In the cabin where he finished, he added:

It probably slept about 20 people, but I was the only one withdrawing from nicotine with a lot of taxidermy animals all over the place. There is no one else within 50 miles in any direction. Terrible idea. I stayed one night and returned to Los Angeles the next day,” he said. “When I first came home, I felt like I had lost my mind and failed to finish what I was trying to do. But that’s all dog shit.

The nature of scrambling and recording and traveling this way is not conducive to sitting down and planning or thinking about what I plan to do. I don’t have a sound in mind, or a theme or anything, I just start recording. Fortunately, the collection of recordings from this period all go hand in hand, they have a present musical identity as a whole. I was in it while I was in it, and this is what came out of it, what it was.

This record is like what it feels like to roll. Hope you enjoy.

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