Mac Miller’s Family Condemns Unauthorized Biography

Mac MillerThe family has released a new statement condemning the release of an upcoming book called the rapper Most Dope: The Best Life of Mac Miller, written by Paul Cantor. “This book was not authorized or endorsed by Malcolm’s family and was written by a writer with whom Malcolm had no relationship,” the statement read.

It continues: “In addition, the author has no meaningful access to those closest to Malcolm – friends, family, colleagues etc. In fact, the author of this book was informed to begin the process of writing the book that Malcolm’s family and friends were uncomfortable with him writing this biography, although he chose to continue contrary to our respectful insistence that he would not destroy Malcolm’s legacy by writing a books without legitimate primary sources. ”

The statement went on to criticize Cantor and the publisher, the Abrams Press, for setting a release date for Most Dope for Jan. 18, a day before Mac Miller’s birthday. “We have always been disappointed with the author and publisher’s decision to continue the book given their full understanding of our discomfort with the circumstances in which it was written, but using Malcolm’s birthplace as a marketing tool is exploitative and frustrating. “

Miller’s family urged “those who want to support Malcolm and his legacy not to hesitate to buy this new book” and instead support the rapper’s other upcoming books, The Book on Mac, written by Donna-Claire Chesman, in which land is involved. Find the full statement below.

Pitchfork reached out to Abrams Books for comment.

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