Maeve’s Capri Debut Collection: Italian Inspired and Brooklyn Made

Maeve’s Capri Debut Collection: Italian Inspired and Brooklyn Made

Maeve in Capri born out of Danila’s love for Italy, driven by nostalgia and celebrating her roots and remembering the magic of her childhood & teenage years spent in her beautiful country.The collection will take you on a journey through Italy and you will experience “dolce vita” through the eyes of the founder.

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Part of the Collection:

Unable to travel to Italy for several years due to pandemic disease, Danila used fabrics, colors, fabrics and a lot of imagination to live her dream in Italy. Each of Maeve’s Capri turbans is made by hand in the heart of Brooklyn, Williamsburg. Made from durable fabrics, the turbans are thought to be designed to be an essential piece of a woman’s wardrobe and her minis make the perfect accessory to enhance EVERY look!

Through the first collection Danila’s desire to elevate others by sharing this dream of the benefits of happiness and escape through her love of fashion, bright colors and bold pieces of expression. Her concern for the endless summer in the Mediterranean and the bizarre sights of Italy sparked this first collection along with the island of Capri where Danila made unforgettable memories growing up. . Launching the collection would not have been possible without the support of other women, mothers, and business owners.

About the Founder:

Danila is a former tech woman and entrepreneur at heart, becoming a mom’s chief executive and interior designer after delivering her third child in the summer of 2018. She can be different things (to many people) but being a mother is her absolute favorite task and her 4 children (including a child who contracted the disease born in September 2020) are her greatest pride and a daily source of inspiration and pure joy.

Danila grew up in southern Italy and moved to NY in 2014 while pregnant with her first child. Growing up in Naples, he was just a short ferry ride from Capri, Positano and the Amalfi coast. She had a strangely simple childhood full of magical summers spent on the beach with family and friends, for which she was especially grateful. These are the memories he will cherish forever and the ones that inspired him to start his own brand.

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