Magneto Has a Dark New Way to Punish the Scarlet Witch

Magneto may have redeemed himself in the eyes of the X-Men, but his horrific treatment of Scarlet Witch underscores his crooked priorities.

magnet proved over and over again that he would not win any Father of the Year submissions. Last year, he was manipulated Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and his biological daughter Polaris for his own gain, always without thoughts of their welfare. While Scarlet Witch has somewhat moved away from Magneto’s tactics, though, she still doesn’t provide him with a much -needed scapegoat on the mutant island of Krakoa.

Scarlet Witch first appeared in The X-Men # 4 in March 1964 with his brother Quicksilver as members of their father Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. At first, however, they find themselves skeptical about their father’s plans for mutant supremacy. Their role will not last, with the pair eventually joining the Avengers superhero team. Their exact relationship with Magneto, however, has been undermined by constant change – a trend that continues to this day. the AXIS this story is shown to be High Evolutionary experiments, and not actually Magneto’s children, even if the Master of Magnetism sees Wanda as his daughter.

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By X # 1, written by Spurrier and illustrated by Bob Quinn, once again returns to the Crucible, one of Krakoa’s most barbaric acts. The ritual sees powerful mutants like Magneto fight former mutants scattered after M-Day caused by Scarlet Witch. Magneto uses his power to rain down hell on the participants, who constantly torture them, only to kill them so that they can finally be resurrected with their power. The whole sequel is rooted in hatred of the Scarlet Witch, with Exodus literally telling campfire stories condemning the Scarlet Witch as “pretending” to be responsible. The Crucible is hailed as the only way to rehabilitate former mutants, Magneto assures that the cycle of bloodshed continues unabated – along with hatred for the woman he considers his child.

Even if Magneto sees Scarlet Witch as his descendant, he has no doubt an awesome way to show his affection. In rescuing Wanda and her brother from an angry mob in their first encounter, Magneto practically releases them to join his cause. Afterwards, after Scarlet Witch married Vision, Magneto also emerges in their lives and seeks a new relationship, but the siblings ’reluctance to accept are signs of Magneto’s previous abuse. When Scarlet Witch’s power became too strong to be penetrated, Quicksilver convinced her to create a world where mutants rule. However, when Magneto finds out what Quicksilver is doing, he kills her, causing the Scarlet Witch to resurrect her brother – and disperse most of the mutant population. Even if Scarlet Witch mostly returns to her heroic role following the events of House of M, ang Empyre the incident showed that he was still wrapped up in guilt in his role on M-Day. He tries to heal by resurrecting the dead mutants of Genosha, but only succeeds in creating a horde of zombie -like creatures.

While Magneto seems to be real care Scarlet Witch, his political ambitions are easily tarnished by any personal obligations. As such, as By X appears, she has little trouble letting the Crucible demon have her desired daughter image even at first hand knowing otherwise. while magnet showing his heroic side on numerous occasions, the classic villain X-Men has also shown a willingness to sacrifice those closest to him to pass his cause.

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