Maks Chmerkovskiy Shares Heartwarming Reaction To Wife Peta’s Pregnancy

With, he quickly noticed, the help of Bethenny Frankel, who was one of the first American celebrities to start collecting and organizing for Ukraine. Maks taught him BStrong foundation as one of the noble organizations he trusted to distribute funds where they were most needed, and he, Val and their father. Sasha Chmerkovskiy started again Baranova27—the family’s street address in Odessa—to help the Ukrainian people.

Maks said he planned to return to the area this month, but with another child on his way and considering the long road to get there, he decided to postpone the trip.

“I want my wife, first and foremost, to be healthy and happy,” he explained. “I’m supposed to be in Ukraine next week, it’s a long time coming, planning and stuff. Then, just sitting with Peta and looking into her eyes, and knowing how devastating that is even the hope [that something might happen] for her, seeing her 16 weeks into that cherished pregnancy she’d wanted for so long. I just can’t do it.”

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