Mama Glow’s Doula Expo is Back!


Mama Glow’s Doula Expo is Back!

In these last few years of pandemic- one thing that many mothers and new mothers have lost is support. The kind of support that is GREAT. Arms wrapped around you, great love, information, stories that assure you are not alone. Since you don’t have an outdoor community with you mom, and that’s why we’re excited to have our favorite activity, Mama Glow’s DOULA EXPO will take place again in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 25 KENT, on a 16,000 square feet of space located in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn. Doula Expo is a festival that celebrates the work of birth and platforming businesses, content, and partners in reproductive health and wellness spaces.

The Doula Expo is a gathering of 500+ doulas, individuals giving birth, caregivers and families. Added to short keynote presentations, TED style talks, and breakout activities, the festival is driven by immersive, experiential booths and build-outs, and lounge spaces where our brand partners can connect with their extensive doula and parental community.

This year you can expect it to be over 50 brands and organizations to represent Mama Glow’s 2022 Doula Expo. In addition to doula, caregivers, and families, this year’s festival will include a mix of influencers, celebrity stakeholders in maternal health, elected officials and more!


Just a few of the special guests who participated in the MainStage!

  • Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, Maternal Health Task Force
  • Charlamagne of God, New York Times Bestselling Author and Co-host of Power 105.1, The Breakfast Club
  • Dr. Charles Johnson, founder of 4Kira4Moms, a maternal health advocacy organization,
  • Karyn Parsons (Emcee), writer and actress, best known for her role in the iconic hit show, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Lion Babe Jillian Herveymulti-disciplinary artist, lead singer in Lion Babe
  • Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter, and co -founder of “Love Delivered”
  • Latham Thomas, (Emcee), founder of Mama Glow and co-founder of the Mama Glow Foundation

Here is a list of some of the 2022 brands coming to Doula Expo:

  • March in Dimes
  • Hum Nutrition
  • Irth App
  • Kate Spade New York
  • Bobbie
  • refinement
  • Ovia Health
  • Nutrafol
  • Daughter of Carol
  • Frida
  • more
  • Agni, and more!

The Lounges:

  • The children’s play area, curated by LALO is an immersive play environment where children can express themselves while attending the Doula Expo. There are activities for children to do throughout the day with their parents.
  • The Bobbie Infant Feeding Lounge – a relaxing space where parents can breastfeed, bottle feed, formula feed, and get advice in a no -nonsense space.
  • The March of Dimes Listening Lounge – join Stacey Brayboy, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs at the March of Dimes in a safe space to share your birth stories.
  • Kate Spade Wellness Lounge – join us for self -care, mindfulness, licensed mental health support and more in a comfortable space.
  • Mama Glow Lounge-a space that anchors the essence of the hometown, join our Mama Glow Doulas and learn more about Mama Glow Doula training


Mama Glow’s DOULA EXPO gives away 5 Nights Stay at Boram Postnatal Retreat!

Boram is a postnatal stay for new mothers to relax and get along with the baby on the way home from the hospital. We believe that the fourth trimester — the period after the baby is born, is a critical time for mothers to rest and heal. The Boram experience includes 24/7 support, spa therapy, essential nutrition and rest during the postnatal period where a mother’s health and well -being are paramount.

One lucky person attending the Doula Expo will be given this unique experience worth over $ 7,500!

Ticket proceeds from the event will support the education’s mission Mama Glow Foundationour 501c3 non-profit commitment to promoting reproductive justice and birth equity through education, advocacy and the arts.


Get tickets here!

Saturday, May 21, 10-6PM ET

25 KENT, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Doula Expo website

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