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Marc Myers, a regular provider the Wall Street Journal, joins Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco to discuss his new book, ROCK CONCERT: An Oral History Told by Artists, Backstage Entrants, and Attending Fans. It’s a fun conversation to have The What Podcast watching the evolution of the live show from the ’50s to the’ 80s.

Myers provides in-depth information on how rock concerts have evolved, how a particular series of events have led to the arena that we know and love today, and what the industry in 2021. Listen up, and make sure you like and subscribe wherever you are. get your podcasts

Launched in 2018, What started as a venue for two Roo vets to share their love for the nation’s largest festival. Since then, it has expanded into a podcast that covers the entire North American music festival scene, as well as the touring industry in general. If not dissecting schedule and think of a later headline in the news, hosts interview artists like Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, Lizzo, and Deftones ’Sergio Vega, as well as industry insiders like Ashley Capps (AC Entertainment) and Jim Burress (Columbia Records). If you’re a live music junkie, this podcast is for you.

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