Margaret Says Teresa Was Unhappy With Her Comments by Luis

Margaret Josephs says her Real Housewives of New Jersey costar Teresa Giudice was unhappy with her after making some comments about Luis Ruelas.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Margaret Josephs has revealed that her costar Teresa Giudice is not happy with her after making inappropriate comments regarding her new boyfriend Luis Ruelas. Margaret and Teresa have been at odds with each other ever since hair-pulling incident in RHONJ season 10. Former “friend” Danielle Staub pulled on Margaret’s ponytail while the other women were outside shopping at a boutique. Later, Danielle reveals that Teresa ordered her to do it. Teresa, on the other hand, denies such allegations.

In any case, Teresa admitted that she laid Danielle eggs and later apologized for her actions. Teresa realizes that Danielle is not the person she thought she was. As a result, he chose to end their friendship. Enter the RHONJ season 11, Margaret and Teresa had better terms, but their relationship quickly changed by the end of the season. Teresa doesn’t like how Margaret gets it Jackie Goldschinder’s part in their explosive fight and obviously didn’t think much of Margaret because she was in a relationship with her husband, Joe. All in all, it looks like Margaret’s fight against Teresa is still a long way off.


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During a recent interview with Be Real With Housewives podcast, Margaret reveals that Teresa is not very happy with her now. “He was not happy with Marge, “the reality star said of her current relationship with Teresa.I think I’m very honest about how I feel about certain things. Teresa doesn’t always like to hear that from me. He was angry, and obviously, it had to do with his relationship. He was very angry, and you know, he had a hot temper. ”Sa the trailer for RHONJ season 12 shows Teresa yelling at Margaret for trying to “pop his love bubble“with Luis, who was his only girlfriend at the time. However, the author of Caviar Dreams Tuna Fish Budget was just trying to tell his friend about some rumors he had heard about his new girlfriend.


Margaret told the publication that she believes that if you are truly someone’s friend, you tell them the truth. The New Jersey was just trying to be honest with Teresa and help her navigate her relationship. Margaret is not someone to tell their friends what they want to hear. However, he will seek to be honest and speak the truth at all times. Teresa and Luis begin their relationship in 2021 and has been officially on Instagram since December 2021. The couple has revealed their love across social media, and Teresa couldn’t stop the flow about her while filming The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. During a trip to Greece in October 2021, Teresa announced that she was going to marry Luis after a year of dating.

Margaret and Teresa’s relationship didn’t seem to be going well after the filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12. When it comes to the people she loves, Teresa is always ready to fight for them to the end. Teresa was a loyal person and willing end his friendship with Margaret to defend his man.

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