Margo Price Releases New Song “Long Live the King”: Listen

Price in Margo officially released a new single called “Long live the King, ”He said for a long time made live. The song pays homage to Elvis Presley, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, and available through Price’s new mail-order record club. Check it out below.

“‘Long live the King’ is a song about three remarkable men who are changing the course of history for the better,” Price said in a press release. “But no one is without ‘ y wrong and each has twice their personalities. This song is also about not idolizing famous people or putting people on a pedestal because we are all human and we have all made mistakes. ”

Called the new singles club for the price A Series of Rumors. Fans can sign up for exclusive B-Sides, covers, collaborations, and more for a three-month shipping. Members will also receive a limited edition, autographed box of 7 ”vinyl records with 2020 LP music at the Price, Such is the Beginning of Gossips, supported by exclusive B-sides, lost recordings, and more.

The first installment of a series of rumors featured the tracks “Long Live the King,” “Hey Baby,” “Twinkle Twinkle,” Taking Price on Bobbie Gentry’s “He Made a Woman Out of Me,” ” Letting Me Down, “and” I Will Die For You. “

Visit tooThe Margo Price Bob Dylan Classic He Wants To Write”In Pitch.

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