Maria Menounos’ Mother Litsa Died After Fighting Brain Cancer

Maria Menounos shared that his mother Litsa Menounos died after a long battle with brain cancer.

The former E! The news host, who is a Greek-American, was brought in Instagram on May 1 to share a photo of her in bed with her mother, with the caption, “RIP mom. god loves her so much she took him to greek easter.”

The stars expressed their regret in the comments section. Whole Good star Nikki Bella writes, “RIP. sends you and the family more love the light and prayers,” a sentiment that his twin Brie Bella returned his own comment.

Zoe Saldana added, “We send you much love. Our deepest condolences Mary.”

Model and actress Ali Landry Posting, “Oh Mary! I’m sorry! I’ve been watching your journey with your beautiful Mother for months now and have been fervently praying for your family! She’s a MIRACLE !!!! Her life and energy and your love as a daughter is a gift for all of us to see. “

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