Marika Frumes, Founder of mysha and Banding Together a Community of Mothers

Marika Frumes, Founder of mysha and joins a community of mothers

A few years ago- I met Marika Frumes at a community gathering where we were encouraged to imagine and share what we want for our future. Many of the women are at the beginning of their careers; most are not mothers. For me, it was a group that was not in my comfortable place. But, this is what I needed at the time- to remember what it felt like to dream, to believe and to make something happen. All the women were very inspiring, and I remember meeting Marika and sharing where we were at that point in our lives. Fast forward, we are in the parenting world and what we visualized ourselves in those years is back najud (really!).

However, we know dreams potential fulfilled, but it can also mean that some pain may come along the way. When Marika was in postpartum anxiety, she found that “the rosy, commercial experience of motherhood” didn’t matter who she was. Here where mysha enter; founded by Marika is the reimagined mother group where a new mother is connected to a close community of modern mothers and resources.

I recently chatted with Marika on mysha and joined a community of moms.

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How does mysha bear fruit?

Despite being a community builder and having many strange women in my life, I felt alone in my pregnancy experience. I hope for a community of others like valued mothers who are also going through the same changes. Pregnancy is not an on-demand experience and often, we don’t do it simultaneously with our friends … I go to exercise classes aimed at pregnant women with the sole purpose of connecting with other newcomers. mothers, but everyone usually leaves after class.

I don’t have “my village” and leave things in my own hands to make one. The first mysha It was also born when I connected with 20 women from my extended network almost via WhatsApp. I speeded up the experience and laid down some basic rules to make sure the space provided plenty of value and little “noise.” Our pod has become a place to share resources, information and support. Naturally, deep friendships were formed and other mothers were heard wanting to participate. I continue to create more pods as moms continue to share their experiences… and new moms want to get involved. We made mysha “official,” and included it last March and it has improved since then.

How does the community work?

After you apply, we’ll start curating your pod by pairing you with other moms who also deliver the same month. We also consider other factors such as where you live and your career in making pods.

While waiting for your pod, you get instant access to mysha’s vault with high-impact resources. We personally reviewed it all, so there was no need to spend time researching. A month before your birth date, we almost connected and introduced you to 19 other mothers who are in the same situation as you… hello to your new BFFs. Each pod is moderated and curated to ensure the mysha experience is high in engagement and value. we get to know each member very well and help make strategic connections that will give you value in your motherhood experience and beyond. the pod is your place to ask whatever you need and get reliable answers to your questions from mothers with similar values.

*in cities where we have the most members (nyc/bk, la, mia) we host irl gatherings to take your new connections to the next level and ensure you have the opportunity to build deepest friendship in your new community.

*The mysha experience starts to focus on your transition to motherhood and organically becomes a solid new network when you need it after coming out of the postpartum haze.

What is mysha’s mission statement?

Connection is the core of the mysha experience. We believe the right connection can change your life and we find ourselves as matchmakers for new mothers, connecting them with the resources and people they need most in this fragile transition. We bring this etiquette to our dinners, where each member is always invited to ask questions… making sure we know what we need and can support each other.

How do you view mysha’s progress?

We are very pleased with the results of our recently launched neighborhood-specific supplements. Those purposes are to provide our members with an immediate network next door. Consider texting “anyone who walks around” and receive instant location pings. It’s nice to see the community that IRL lives in all of these neighborhoods as well.

We will also continue to launch pod supplements for unique member needs. Currently, we support solo moms and twin pods.

No doubt, you can expect more intimate IRL meetings and dinners across the country.

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