Marjorie Taylor Greene Locked From Twitter By Lawyers For Dr. Dr

Marjorie Taylor Greene decided that this is Fuck with Dre day and now everyone is celebrating, as he said TMZ He was locked out of his Twitter account for posting a video that was soundtracked by the music of Dr. Dre without permission.

On Monday, January 9, the part-time Congresswoman and full-time troll uploaded a long and repetitive video of her walking through various places while the first chord of “Still DRE” was played on a loop. “It’s time to start,” he wrote, “and they can’t stop what’s coming.”

But as it turns out, they can. The lawyer of Dr. Dre Howard King sent MTJ a cease and desist letter, wrote, “Mr. Youths [Dre] has not, and will never, give you permission to broadcast or disseminate any of his music,” and added, “We are writing because we believe that a true legislator should make laws that do not violate laws , especially those in the constitution of the founding fathers.”

In a separate statementwrote Dre, “I don’t license my music to politicians, especially to someone as divisive and hateful as this.”

Since then, Twitter has disabled Greene’s media that includes the song, and he stopped tweeting for about five hours, presumably because his account was temporarily locked.

Greene responded to the suspension in a statement to Dre via TMZ: “While I appreciate striking a creative chord, I will never play your words of violence against women and police officers, and your glorification of thug and drug life.” Is that clear? He is only willing to broadcast his music to his 1.8 million followers, he never listens to his words. It was the same brilliant logic that led him Jimmy Kimmel’s comedy report to the Capitol policeand for Kimmel Report him to Batman.

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