Marvel Unexpected Thunderbolts Available on Falcon & Soldier in Winter

Marvel Studios never considered including the Thunderbolts team villain in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier because of the show’s character count.

Marvel Studios is not considering including Thunderbolts in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The Disney + series primarily focuses on continuing the stories of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes who first became Captain America. This hour sets a big part of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe, however The Falcon and The Winter Soldier So did John Walker who became a U.S. Agent and tempted Sharon Carter’s plans as a Power Broker.

Prior to the release of the show, many fans thought it could be where MCU will set up the Thunderbolts for the future. It was pushed by Baron Zemo’s return to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. the Captain America: Civil War villain has long been expected to be a part of The later list of Thunderbolts in the MCU and speculation ran that he was starting to form a team of the show’s changed villains. This is why some are a bit frustrated at times The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended up without any clear setup for the team. However, it’s not really about Marvel’s plans to see it.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Executive director Nate Moore, was asked if the Thunderbolts were considered to feature in the series during an interview with KANANG USA. He told the outlet “the real truth is, no.” The reason is not part of the Thunderbolts The Falcon and The Winter Soldier came to the difficulty of adding more characters to the six-episode series. Read Moore’s full quote below:

Not because we don’t think they’re cool because they are, but because we feel like there’s so much on the table in this series that we also don’t want to introduce a group of characters, or also introduce people who we’ve seen it before, and highlighted the story. The more characters you create, the more you have to serve them, “he added.” And then we didn’t have time to maybe go home with Sam and Bucky to Louisiana, or do some of those things. That, at the character level, makes us want to do it [show] in the first place.

Thunderbolts Marvel Comics

Moore’s explanation for the Thunderbolts’ non-participation The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has meaning. The series has enough characters to focus on, so including another four or five main characters is quite a lot. Some characters and story have already gotten the short end of the stick The Falcon and The Winter Soldierfinished. The introduction of a new superteam can be felt when other stories are included or forced to receive even a little more attention.

Thunderbolts may not be fully formed by the end of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but the show can still finish laying the groundwork for their formation. Baron Zemo is now locked in The Raft, presumably with other Marvel supervillains. This can make him new allies that he can be with. Meanwhile, the series builds on Zemo’s strange wealth, which could allow him to become one of the funders of the Thunderbolts. There is also a possibility that Contesa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine started forming the team with the U.S. Agent, especially since she mentioned that Zemo was a friend.

For now, it’s still a mystery when Thunderbolts will join the MCU. Afterwards did not show up The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios may slow down their formation by introducing other members throughout Phase 4. It is also possible that they are already working on a Thunders movie or Disney + to tell the origin of the team. Hopefully, a little while before the Thunderbolts about the MCU.

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