Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Mighty Thor Screen, Adds MCU Skin to Flashback Shipments

It’s almost time to bring a second hammer to the AIM goons in Marvel’s Avengers. The developers of Crystal Dynamics are scheduling a War Table Deep Dive that will give superhero fans all the details about The Mighty Thor while he is inside the superhero action blockbuster. The video update will also go into detail in the full 2.5 update, which, among other things, will fix some bugs that plagued players with travel. The update is likely to hit before Mighty Thor comes out on June 28th.

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Of course, his game debut was almost complete with his Marvel Cinematic Universe premiere Thor: Love and Thunder, and it’s clear Square Enix wants to keep its Avengers as close as possible to the hero movie fans crowd every few months. To that end, the developers have lowered the price of one of Iron Man’s unique gold looks. Iron Man 3 in this week’s Flashback Shipment. Players can get the suit for just 50 units if they log in before June 30th.

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Talking about flashbacks, this week also marks the return of the Hulk’s Bunnies and Bandoliers outfit from “Incredible Hulk #390.” First seen in 1992, the unique costume is complete with rabbit slipper physics, which isn’t something many games can boast of. The market is also continuing its weekly giveaway of Ms. Marvel nameplates, with a third promotional cosmetic for Disney + to pick up until the next market refresh.

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