Marvel’s Avengers Support Ends Soon, All Cosmetics Will Be Free

A recent report says that Crystal Dynamics will announce that it is ending support for the Marvel’s Avengers next week. However, the studio has jumped ahead and confirmed the report that it is ending support for the title in the near future.

As detailed in a new blog post, Crystal Dynamics explained that the 2.8 patch will be the last update for the game and will be dropped on March 31. While the aforementioned report says that this 2.8 update will include changes to traversal, the official post isn’t as specific and only refers to any tweaks as “balance updates.” No new content is coming Marvel’s Avengers after that and players can no longer buy Credits. Instead, convert them into different currencies, as shown in the table below. Crystal Dynamics also does not offer any refunds on Credits.

No new cosmetics are coming to the Marketplace, either. And to show its appreciation to fans, every skin, removal, emote, and nameplate from the Marketplace, Challenge Cards, and Shipments will be completely free for everyone who owns the game (which includes those who have via Game Pass or PlayStation Plus Extra) starting March 31. Spider-Man, however, will remain a PlayStation-exclusive hero.

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Marvel’s Avengers, like many Marvel games before it, will be removed from digital storefronts on September 30 (but owners can still install it anytime after that). The game can be played solo and in multiplayer after that, but Crystal Dynamics notes that it “cannot guarantee that [it] can resolve issues that arise due to unforeseen circumstances.” In fact, the servers will remain online for the foreseeable future, but the studio is unlikely to fix issues that arise after September, because it probably works next time Tomb Raider.

Crystal Dynamics said the decision to move on from the game “was made in conjunction with the [its] partners” and “now is the right time to make this change.” The game has been continuously criticized for various issues since its launch in August 2020 and never stopped. Even Square Enix said Crystal Dynamics wasn’t suitable before this The studio was sold in May 2022. The team even started to face backlash recently when it began selling “unhelmed” versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe skinswhich is the same as the current MCU costumes but without the helmet.

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