Marvel’s New Hulk is the Most Successful Today

Over the years, the Hulk has had some strangely strong and powerful forms, but his latest may be Marvel’s most powerful Hulk of all time.

Warning: there is a problem for Immortal Hulk # 46

Surprised Immortal Hulk may be the strongest there is, but which Hulk is the strongest is a controversial topic among fans. While the classic Savage Hulk is one of Marvel’s heaviest hitters, his energy is always surpassed by the cold fury of the Green Scar or the raw ferocity of the Devil Hulk. Even those two perfect powerhouses can be hit by the latest Hulk though, a restored Joe Fixit.

Hulk’s latest win came after a series of tough losses from the jade brute. Recently, in Immortal Hulk from Al Ewing and Joe Bennet, Hulk is completely destroyed by the evil Fantastic Four, the U-Foes. With sadistic cheers, the U-Foes dismantle the exhausted Hulk. Their fight ends with the U-Foes cooking the Hulk, sending him and Joe Fixit to Below Place. To prevent Hulk from returning, the U-Foes scatter Hulk using anti-gamma cosmic radiation. Unfortunately for them, it has the opposite of the intended effect. In the Lower Place, Joe cackles with cosmic radiation, enough to keep him and the Hulk-like child alive, and more powerful than ever.

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Now, in Immortal Hulk # 46 the strongest member of the The U-Foes, Ironclad, launch an attack on the Hulk. As arrogant as ever, Joe can quickly evade Ironclad’s attacks, and then begins to bend the metal over his head as if it were putty, reducing the imposing villain to a riot. Angered, the U-Foes retaliate with Vapor, which turns into sulfuric acid, making Joe laugh. He sucks on the villain then spits it out by U-Foes leader Vector who blinds him. Truly terrified of the new Hulk, Vector uses his power to blow Joe away. He ends up in a bar, terrified of everyone around him at Thor’s appearance. Hulk’s next opponent is the Avengers.

Hulk Facing Avengers

What makes Joe’s newfound strength so appealing is how well it does throughout the whole. Immortal Hulk. Joe usually spends the series as a normal person, meaning his return to the full state of the Hulk before long is coming. In addition, Hulk has suffered an incredible series of losses recently. While Joe’s new form and beating should have been explained in the previous issue, here readers are finally treated to just how fast Joe’s new Hulk form is.

However, even with Joe’s return victory, it’s hard not to feel even a little bad for his opponents. The U-Foes hate the Hulk, and it’s undeniable that they’re cruel, but that’s it didn’t make the Hulk’s terrible attack on them justified Since he is forced to protect himself and the Hulk-like child, it appears as if Joe is turning a new leaf, however, his damage to the U-Foes shows that he is so amoral formerly. With Joe as new Hulk, the Avengers definitely finished for them their task.

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