Master Bathroom & Home Gym – A Clean Slate And A “To Do” List.

Let me tell you something. Accountability is a powerful thing. The last thing I wanted to do yesterday was go to the gym at home and clean up that mess, but knowing I told you all that I would check in regularly and show my progress so I could keep on track was just everything. enthusiasm that I need to stop dragging my feet and get in there and make things happen.

And that’s exactly what I did! Do you remember the atmosphere at the home gym yesterday morning?

home gym status 10-18-21-3

I cleared out all the trash, collected the tools, collected the paint cans, and so on. And now like this…

home gym cleaning - 1
cleaning the house gym
cleaning the house gym
cleaning the house gym

I haven’t cleaned the floor yet because I still need to install recessed lights, which I need to cut the bigger holes in the drywall, and that will create a lot of dust.

home gym wires for recessed lights

I have six lights to install-four in the main part of the room, and then two in the closet area.

home gym wires for recessed lights

It is also not necessary to clean the gym floor at home until the bathroom floor is finished. Until then, I’ll just keep tracing the dust to the home gym floor.

I also cleaned all the bathrooms, gathered and organized the furniture and appliances, and the floor was ready for tiling.

master bathroom cleaning
master bathroom cleaning

So I feel so inspired to get in there and see what I can do now. My goal was to finish all the tiling over the next two days, and then the floor was completely grouted and finished by the end of the week.

I really thought of the suggestion that so many of you should hire tiling. But I’ll give it one more and see what progress I can make. I would also use the suggestion that a couple should wear two or even three pairs of thin disposable gloves. That way if the outer layer is cracked, the mortar is no longer on my skin, and I can just replace the outer layer.

I think that plan could work and save my poor hands, which still haven’t returned to normal from the last tiling, which was almost a week ago. They feel great as long as I put on coconut oil (which is the only moisturizer I use), but when I wash my hands or they dry again, they start to hurt. But they’re better now, so I don’t have to go back to the square by not protecting my hands while I do the rest of the tile.

In addition to clearing clutter and cleaning up a bit, I also created two master “to do” lists for each room to keep me on track. I’ve done better on big projects, and feel like I’m staying more motivated, if I can have actual lists to write where I can check things out and see my progress. Here’s what my lists look like, and they’re never in any kind of order:

Master Bathroom “To Do” List To Finish The Room:

master bathroom cleaning
  • Tile:
    • Lay a small tile on the toilet floor
    • Lay a large tile on the bathroom floor
    • Install the wall tile in the shower
    • Install the wall tile in the toilet area
    • Clean tile and grout lines
    • Cut the tile
  • Walls:
    • Add a protective clear coat to Venetian plaster walls
    • Install picture frame molding and chair rail
    • Install accent tiles with wainscoting
    • Caulk and wood fill molding
    • Prime and paint molding and bottom walls
  • Scissors:
    • Cut the window
    • Cut the doors
    • Install the crown molding
    • Install baseboards
    • Caulk and wood fill trim
    • Prime and paint trim
  • Doors:
    • Painting the outside door
    • Install the door between the bathroom and gym at home
    • Prime and paint door
    • Install the pull/lock on the door
  • suga:
    • Make a foam “chandelier” to go over the bathtub
    • Place wall sconces on the wall of the vanity
  • Construction projects:
    • Building on my vanity
    • Building on Matt’s vanity
    • Construction of window seat
    • Built -in cabinets in the toilet area
  • Sewing projects:
    • Perform window treatment for the window
    • Perform window treatment for the door
    • Make a pillow for the window seat
    • Make pillows for the window seat
  • Hire out:
    • Install the toilet
    • Bathtub installation
    • Installation and plumbing fixtures
    • Installation of quartz countertop/sink
  • Final touches:
    • Install hand towel rings
    • Install a toilet paper holder
    • Install towel hooks
    • Artwork and other finishing touches

Phew! That’s the list! Fortunately, the list for the home gym is not very extensive.

Home Gym “To Do” list to finish the room:

cleaning the house gym
  • Floor:
    • Install the remaining hardwood floor
    • Place a rotten plank on the floor
    • Clean the floor to remove all the mud on the drywall
    • Install foam gym flooring
  • suga:
    • Installing the ceiling fan
    • Install six recessed lights
  • Scissors:
    • Install the crown molding
    • Cut the windows
    • Cut the doors
    • Cut the closet area
    • Install baseboards
  • Construction projects:
    • Make Swedish stairs
    • Make cabinets in the closet area
  • Possible sewing projects:
    • Sew or make window treatments

I think so! And now I want to kneel on my bed under my covers and forget about it all. 😀 But I don’t, of course. I’ll have lunch today, and then go right away, with my reliable “to do” list in hand so I can stay motivated and head in the right direction.

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