Master Bathroom Improvements, Lighting Decisions, And More

I started the week strong by getting things done in the master bathroom, but ended the week with a setback. I don’t work on Wednesday, and then yesterday, I have to go to the eye doctor and have my eyes opened so he can do a full exam. Since I had never burned my eyes before, he said he would not order any more contacts for me until he could take the exam. So I got there bright and early, widened my eyes, took the exam (everything looked perfect), and then literally took the rest of the day (until about 6:00 pm) to get back to my eyes are normal and the blurriness. to walk. My eyes are so dim all day that I can’t see my computer. I can’t see measuring and cutting the trim for the bathroom. I didn’t do anything I needed to see the detail up close. That’s why I didn’t do it yesterday, though !! Ug! Very sad.

So I’ll give you a report on the bathroom situation as we head out over the weekend. I really hope to finish this weekend, so let’s see how that goes.

The walls of the water closet are still going on (I share the plan here if you miss that), and they are still at the same stage where I left them on Tuesday night. Here’s my focus this week, as I’m hoping to install the rest of the trim, and then get everything sanded, caulked, and expected to be painted.

Once the walls are done there, I can start building the cabinet (which will be a separate, freestanding piece of furniture) that will hit the back wall.

I no longer thrive on bubble light. As the extra bubbles (decorations) I ordered came in, I also decided to order a ceiling medallion for the light.

This is the one recommended by a commenter in the last bubble light post, and I really loved it at first glance. It’s like an amazing medallion of the day, and from this of Wafair. I can’t wait to get it, but it won’t come until next week. So the light was turned off until then.

Cornelius Architectural Grade PVC Pierced Ceiling Medallion

All the trim and the door on the outside wall were painted, but the door glass still needed to be cleaned, and I had to install the new door knob and deadbolt on the door. It can be black, like other doors in the house.

I’m still waiting for the trim to arrive so I can start making up the vanities and the closet that goes between them. I found an online place that sells all kinds of trim on many different types of wood (including the walnut I need), so that’s from Canada, and it’s probably another week before it arrives. Technically, I can go ahead and build the vanities before the trim arrives, and just add the trim afterwards. But for the dresser, because of the design, I need that order to come in first before I can start building.

The rain was just like it looked the day before when I showed you the finished shower. The shower curtain still needs to be hemmmed, and until I finish that (or just remove it until done), the shower will return to an unusable state.

And then on the other wall, the door to the home gym, as well as the casing around it, is not yet finished. All the nail holes were full of wood, but I still had to sand, caul, and then paint. When it’s done, I can cut the plastic that now covers the glass panels. (The white you see on the glass is the primer covering the plastic that protects the panes. The manufacturer covers the panes with plastic, and then sprays the primer, so that’s how the doors arrive. )

So slow progress this week, but at least there is progress! And at least I have directions for the water closet walls. My goal is still to finish this room by the end of June, but I’d better improve the run if I do that purpose!

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