Master Bathroom Plans-The Overview

As you may have noticed, our master bathroom project is late, but it looks like we are on track to start right away. I’m actually glad it was delayed, as it gave me a little more time to launch the blueprint for the interior. I collected all these ideas and specific browser products on my laptop, and after my computer crashed last week, I lost them all. So it took me a while to find it all again, and while I’m still missing some key elements, I thought I’d share with you the direction this bathroom has taken. Here is a general overview of my picks to show you the overall look…

First of all, most of you probably already know about the mural I bought for the wall behind the bathtub. This was the jumping point for all my options for the rest of the room.

On the remaining walls, I wanted something that would give color and color without taking away from the mural. I considered things like grasscloth, but in the end, I decided to try making a Venetian type of plaster. It’s been over a decade since I did a Venetian plaster wall treatment, so I’m going to learn how to do it, but I’m excited to give it a try. And because I love my colors next to a lot of whites, I do it on the upper walls only, and use white wainscoting on the lower parts of the walls.

master bathroom plans - walls in venetian plaster
Venetian plaster wall treatment

I changed my original choice for the bathtub and opted instead for this freestanding tub with some gentle curves. It gives a nod to the traditional style that I’ve always thought of.

And then I chose this floor mount tub filler in black. I plan to use all brush gold / brass and matte black metal on the inside, and I want all my faucets (sink, tub, shower) to be pitch black.

So continuing that theme, this is the sink faucet I chose. In a bathroom, I found that I wanted wide handles (much easier to clean!) And a long arch faucet.

I haven’t found the exact floor tiles I want to use yet, but I do know I want a porcelain marble that looks marble in a cream white and very light gray. I found these tiles on the Home Depot website to give you an overview, but I think they are too white. I would like something a little brighter white, but not off -white. Also, it’s 10 ″ x 10 ″, and make sure I want something more or a rectangular shape.

master bathroom plans - floor tiles

This mirror was a must have item when I saw it. I know I don’t want to use rectangular mirrors because it will go on a wall with a rectangular window in the middle. Three rectangles in a row didn’t appeal to me. But I don’t think a round or round mirror would work well for Matt because the best place to look in a round or round mirror is in the middle and not towards the bottom, but it’s hard to see in the middle if you are. sitting in a wheelchair.

So when I saw this mirror, I knew it was perfect-square at the bottom for a wider viewing area, but curves at the top to break up the rectangles on the wall.

I lost the link to the chandelier I chose to go to the tub when my computer crashed last week. I’m still looking, but it’s pretty much the same one, even without the same price tag. I can swear it’s almost half the price of this one (over $ 200 covered). So I hope to see it again. I searched and searched, but so far, no such luck.

master bathroom plans - bathtub chandelier
The Bubble Glass Sputnik Chandelier from Heparts Home

It’s not the vanity I’m going to use, but I’m showing it to you because the color is the color of the place. I will build the bathroom void because ours is 12 feet tall and one must use a wheelchair at one end. Obviously it takes a custom design and build, so I’ll take up the challenge myself. I make the vanity out of white oak, and use it as a white quartz countertop, so it’s a good representation of what it will look like.

Vanity from Amazon

I still have to finish choosing the floor tile and find the shower faucet hardware I want in pitch black. That proved to be more of a challenge than finding tub filler and sink faucets for a number of reasons. I also had to find the right (cheaper) chandelier, and also choose wall sconces for the vanity wall. I wanted to find something that was a bit on the modern side and included the same gold and black brush. But so far, I haven’t found anything that fits the bill I want.

But I think it would be good if I went to make a unique and different colored master bathroom with my Kristi stamp. 😀

master plan of the bathroom - the overall plan

If I can find the perfect wall sconces, I’ll add them to this post, and to my little collage, so we can see how they work in the interior.

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