Max George Grateful for His Struggle With Depression Amid Rising Fame

At the time of his appearance Good Morning Britain, Max said, “One morning, I was just at my dad’s house and I woke up and I was like, ‘I’m feeling good right now.’ And then I’m just, like, really good about it. “

The podcast is the first time Max has spoken publicly about his struggle with grief. “Even if it’s discussed now, I’m not lying, like, I feel a little uncomfortable and nervous because it’s just not something I thought I would do,” he admits. “But I will say, in terms of my speaking, it has helped me and it has been there since day one. But the biggest thing for me to say about it, is the response I get from other people… . For me it kind of feels. Uncomfortable about it, it’s worth it. “

And he keeps talking about it. “That’s the thing, I think having mental illness… it’s very normal and a lot of people have it,” he said, “and you don’t have to feel isolated from it.”

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