MCU Phase 4 Already Has a Black Link King

The story of King in Black that could jump on the MCU is about to come because Phase 4 already has a link to this event. Here’s what it is.

Among the many stories of The Cinematic Universe is amazingPhase 4 that can be explored is King in Black, and this universe already has a connection to it thanks to the villain Thor: Love and Thunder. After reaching the climax of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, MCU closes Infinity Saga with Spider-Man: Away from Home, but that is not the end of this connection to the universe. Phase 4 will introduce new characters and continue the stories of previously known heroes, as in the case of Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

After building New Asgard on Earth and joining the remaining MCU heroes in the Battle of Earth, Thor returns in a fourth solo film titled Thor: Love and Thunder, which will also see the return of other characters from Infinity Saga, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). The latter is expected to wear the mantle of Mighty Thor as he did in the comics, and in addition, they will find a new villain with a lot of power and who can bring a lot of chaos to the MCU. : Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), who has connections to a specific story that Marvel fans want to see in MCU.

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The told story King in Black, an event written by Donny Cates with art by Ryan Stegman and where it started running in December 2020. In it, the main villain in the story, Knull, brings back All-Black aka Necrosword after it was destroyed by King Thor. All-Black is the first symbol, shown from the shadow of the evil god Knull and restrained using the divine power of a slain Celestial. The preferred form of the All-Black was that of a sword and so Knull used it on several occasions, including his beheading of a Celestial, which led to Knul’s exile. During a battle against a group of gods with golden armors, The All-Black left Knull and tied with Gorr, following Knull’s destructive and chaotic steps and using the Necrosword to kill the Gods of the universe, giving him the title “God Butcher”.

During the attempt to kill every God there, Gorr finds Thor (and his past and future self), and the All-Black unites with the God of Thunder at one point. Even if at this point it is not known if Gorr will use Necrosword on Thor: Love and Thunder or not, his introduction to the MCU is a good set-up for King in Black story in the near future, thus also bringing Knull into the mix. Bringing Necrosword and Knull to the MCU could also pave the way for the anticipated crossover of Sony’s Venom, given Knull’s place as creator of the symbols and his role in King in Black The event, which is part of his arrival on Earth as he seeks to control Venom again, eventually tears Eddie’s symbol.

the MCUPhase 4 is about to take over King in Black story on the big screen unless it has other plans for this new interior that are irrelevant brought Knull and fellow MCU yet If fans can see Gorr the God Butcher using Necrosword Thor: Love and Thunder or not unknown, but it’s a very good step towards adaptation King in Black.

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