Meet Clayton Echard’s First Impression Rose Recipient Teddi Wright

Clayton Echard met more than 20 women at the season premiere of The Bachelor and they all make a lasting first impression.

there Jill, who handed Clayton an urn filled with his “ashes of exes;” Si Kira, the doctor wearing lingerie; and hunter, the serpent whispered. Those three women went up and forward with their limo exit, but it seemed that their efforts were not enough to hold the precious first impression increased.

“I have connections with a lot of women,” Clayton told the Bachelor camera. “This one particular person really stopped me in my tracks.”

Clayton, as we will learn later, refers to Teddi Wright, who is a 24-year-old nurse, according to her Bachelor bio. She came out of the limo wearing a little black dress with her natural curls in full display. “So my name is Teddi,” he told Clayton during their first meeting, “like a teddy bear. And I hear you’re the big teddy bear …

During his one-on-one time with Clayton, Teddi revealed that, of all Michelle Youngof the contestants, he hoped to be called a Bachelor — and he was! After this admission, the couple shared a sweet smooch.

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