Meet Libby’s Sister Megan Potthast

Elizabeth Potthast has a sister -in -law and her name is Megan Potthast. She loves to post on Instagram. See her most memorable posts today.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé The franchise knows the Potthast family brings drama, but they may not know about Libby Potthast Castravet’s sister-in-law Megan Potthast, and we’re here to change that. We found some of the more noble Instagram posts. She is very active in IG and loves to show off her family, as well as her bikini body. Megan married Charlie Potthast, Elizabeth’s brother. Perhaps TLC viewers have not forgotten that Charlie acted in the sign and expensive wedding of Lebanon and Andrei. He calls the couple for spanking father Chuck, who accused of being a slumlord. Chuck tries to take the mic away from his son, but he can’t stop the bulge of abuse. It goes down in franchise history. Charlie’s epic and inappropriate language is shown 90 Day Fiance: Are You Happy After All? season 5.

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After the wedding, Charlie’s relationship with Andrei “nothing exists,” according to Every Week. In Andrei’s usually gentle and tactful way (just jokingly), he describes his brother -in -law a “drunk drunk.” However, there is some hope that the two bombastic men will bury the hatchet. Now, The Overtimer reports that Libby wants men to put on make-up. If that’s true, he could force Andrei to befriend his brother Charlie. and his wife, Megan. Even if Andrei and Charlie have become friendly or continue to hate each other, much is known about Libby’s sister-in-law Megan from her Instagram posts.

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Megan seems to love the publicity given by her link to the franchise. He uses 90 Day Fiancé and 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human? hashtags to inspire listeners for his IG posts, including the family photo shown below. In this photo, blonde Megan is wearing a low-cut blue dress with her closest and dearest, including hubby Chuck, three sons, and a daughter. The whole family was adorned with blue dresses. They pose in a forest and Megan picks up the caption, “My World.” Clearly, Megan is part of the family, and she’s definitely behind Charlie, even if she fights with brother-in-law Andrei. He is not recording her beating hubby as Libby notes Andrei.

on “day at the beach” photo posted below, Charlie shows off smug while Megan shows off her curves in a fire engine red bikini top. For ‘Gram, she had access to black sunnies and a leopard-print headcarf. Looking tanned and content, Megan soaked up the sun’s rays, showing off her vigorous and natural lifestyle. 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans. Today, Megan has 11k IG followers, and that numbers could go up if she continues to mark her hubby. @charliepotthast in her posts and using hashtags like #floridalife. So, what did the followers say about this Instagram post? One commentator says, “nice family,” while another reveals to Megan “cute swimsuit.” After scrolling through 52 weeks of posts, we didn’t find a single shot of Charlie and Megan with Libby and Andrei (who already ridiculed for constantly asking for money), but that’s not surprising.

Almost on Christmas 2020, Megan gave real Real Homes the vibes, thanks to a faux-fur coat, a power tan, and unclean eyebrows, as seen in the post below. While it was time to be happy, there was no snow to be seen. In fact, the golden rays of the sun streamed into his car to take a selfie in the car. Florida Christmas is just about sunshine, and Megan comments that she has “strange” holiday with his family.

Megan’s IG is all about smiling faces, peaceful family moments, and sailing boats. Charlie was there, but no trash about the in -laws. Megan always kept it hidden. However, he can get a little race of his OnlyFans. Andrei and Libby have OnlyFans accounts as well. Leading Libby’s OnlyFans, and an supposedly jealous Andrei later obtained his own account. Check out Megan and Charlie on Mother’s Day below:

Will fans know about Megan in the future? Probably so, especially if Andrei and Charlie decide to put on make up. For now, they’ll be happy with his Instagram posts. He obviously loves the platform, and 90 Day Fiancé the fans were happy with what he did. This Florida wife and mother is as famous as any star in the franchise but seems under -necessary drama.

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Origins The Overtimer, Every Week, @ megpotthast / Instagram

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