Meghan McCain Reacts to Critics “Triggered by My Body”

Meghan McCain nabusog na!

The former host of The Perspective took to Twitter on Wednesday, Jan. 5, to speak out against the negatives that speak about his physical appearance.

“It continues to be strange for me that so many experts and comedians with big platforms are triggered by my body and spend so much time and energy talking about it,” he writes.

The 37-year-old daughter’s John McCain did not call anyone or any incident specific, but said the problem was with “a lot of people.”

“Teenage girls are literally killing themselves because of our toxic culture of women’s bodies,” she added.

McCain met with numerous tweets of support from those who agreed that bodily humiliation should always be unrestricted.

“Spending even a second talking about your body is complete nonsense on their part,” replied a user. “You’re right. Eating disorders are prevalent among young women and the pressure to be perfect and they have no right to add to this problem.”

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