Melinda Clarke’s Mother’s Gift List Has a Nod on OC

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we reached out Melinda Clarke, who portrays one of the most iconic TV mothers of all time, the one and only Julie Cooper The OC. Julie is far from a traditional TV mom, but she delivers some of the show’s most talked about moments. From have a relationship with her daughter’s teenage lover who tried framing Ryan Atwood for the shooting of his brother Trey and tight-fitting poisoning of Caleb Nichol before she died from a heart attack, Julie always kept things interesting. Clearly, Melinda is a strange actress because she doesn’t have that in real life.

While Julie does her best to maintain her lavish lifestyle (there’s no short trailer park episode in Season 3), Melinda is about keeping things simple and sentimental, especially when it comes to in gifts. She advises, “On Mother’s Day, try to keep it for the mother, something she can enjoy every day.” However, she emphasizes that Mother’s Day gifts must special, recalls, “One year my dad gave my mom new bathroom sink appliances,” which he said was “not personal” along with a laugh.

Melinda shared, “I really enjoyed the hugs from my daughter and maybe an orchid, a blue hydrangea, and my favorite part? My grandfather’s buttermilk pancakes with my daughter, mother, and the whole family! ” In addition to flowers and breakfast, the actress shared her gift suggestions, including a dress mao ra that’s it Julie Cooper, art supplies for a house ship, something that he “carried everywhere,” and sentimental jewelry.

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