Memphis came back with critics with negative reviews

90 Day Fiancé star and mental health nurse practitioner Memphis Sandoval has reacted to negative customer reviews about her that have emerged.

Memphis Sandoval criticized fans for 90 Days Bride: Before 90 Days on Instagram after a stellar client reviews about his work appeared online. The mental health nurse practitioner Memphis is new to 90 Day Bride franchise after starting his journey to Before 90 Days season 5 with Tunisian boyfriend Hamza Moknii. While Memphis was first called for the wedding of a man she barely knew or could speak to, her closeness to Hamza at her mother’s house created real trouble. Fans believe Memphis has no respect for the woman’s hospitality. Now, these negative reviews from customers claiming that he is insensitive to psychiatric illnesses have exacerbated the situation.


Memphis who slept with Hamza and defied her mom’s house rules failed to make a good impression on the audience. When fans criticized Memphis for having a bad future daughter -in -law, she defended herself on Instagram instead of taking responsibility for what happened. The Michigan-based Memphis says that because he is not Muslim, Hamza’s religious and cultural rules do not apply to him. Meanwhile, some Reddit users have stumbled upon a trio of bad reviews about Memphis aimed at him allegedly not taking clients seriously and apparently giving false diagnoses. One reviewer said Memphis enlightened them about their symptoms and they remained crying and feeling traumatized after the appointment.

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In a new set of Instagram Stories, Memphis shared screenshots of the positive reviews he received. “So I see how pathetic people are that they have to dig into two bad reviews., ”Memphis wrote in one of the screenshots. One review says, “Memphis is so beautiful! Very warm, understanding, professional, and comfortable to talk to. I would still recommend him.“Another review wrote,”I was very nervous for this appointment, but he was a good listener and made me feel comfortable talking about all my mental health concerns. Amazing doctor. ” Above this screenshot, Memphis added, “always an advocate. ”

Memphis Sandoval reviews Nurse Practitioner on Instagram In 90 Days Fiance

He then posted another Instagram Story which again means Memphis that whatever happens to 90 Day Bride not true. “It’s unfortunate that just because of a show – with no one knowing if it’s 100 percent true – that you’re trying to find ways to humble me as a giver,”Declares Memphis. The single mother of two explained that she has been working as a nurse since 2012. Memphis shared that she has been a CAN/Phlebotomist since 2005. “And do people feel they have a right to say I’m not a good giver?“According to Memphis, it’s a”reality“in any field that should be obtained by a professional”dissatisfied customers.”When the news of Memphis is an allegedly bad employee Leaked, fans wondered if he was right to apply for a reality show when he had a client-facing job.

This is really sad. It made him look worse than anything on the show“a 90 Days Bride: Before 90 Days said the viewer. However, some fans think that these reviews do not represent all Memphis clients because they are only a small percentage. Ever since Memphis ’disobedience to Hamza’s house began to be discussed, he has maintained that what is seen on the show is not always the truth. The last few episodes have come to show Memphis in a bad light. Instead, it’s possible the tables will return if it’s revealed that Hamza hid him in the darkness of his age. After all, Memphis asked TLC viewers to hold Hamza accountable for their disrespectful acts.

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Source: Memphis Sandoval/Instagram

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