Michael Bay Accused Of Killing A Pigeon In Italy, Statement Issues

Director Michael Bay has been accused of killing a pigeon on the set of Netflix 6 Under the ground in Italy in 2018.

Bay denied the allegations and reportedly tried several times to communicate with Italian authorities to clarify the matter.

“I’m a well-known animal lover and major animal activist,” Bay said TheWrap in a statement. “No animal involved in the production was harmed or injured. Or any other production I’ve worked on in the last 30 years.”

The director is confident that he has enough evidence to exonerate the film maker of these charges — evidence that includes witnesses and safety officials.

“We have clear video evidence, multiple witnesses, and safety officers that exonerate us from these claims,” ​​Bay said. “And they denied a paparazzi photo – that gave a false story.”

In the end, Bay said he was offered the chance to pay a small fine to settle the issue, but he refused to pay because he had no intention of pleading guilty.

“The Italian authorities offered me the opportunity to settle this matter by paying a small fine, but I refused to do so because I will not plead guilty to harming an animal,” clarified Bay.

Italy has a national law that prohibits harming or killing pigeons, as the country considers them a protected species. The court case against Bay is currently ongoing, so further details are currently being withheld.

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