Michelle Mylett and Lisa Codrington Talk Letterkenny Season 11, Chip Flavors

ComingSoon Senior Editor Spencer Legacy talks to Letterkenny starring Michelle Mylett and Lisa Codrington about the show’s 11th season. The duo discussed the global popularity of Letterkenny and their favorite chip flavor. Letterkenny Season 11 is now available to stream on Hulu.

“Letterkenny locals deal with influencers, missing dogs, a Church Bake Sale mystery, unwanted beer league guests, and trouble from Degens in the comedy’s 11th season Canada,” reads the weather synopsis.

Spencer Legacy: Lisa, 11 seasons is a huge milestone. Has your approach to Gail changed over the past seven years of portraying her?

Lisa Codrington: I think it’s really nice to get the opportunity to have seven years to continue to grow and try new things and make things count. I think that, for me, is very unusual. You can grow because you have time to grow. I think that’s what seven seasons gives you. So I appreciate that.

Michelle, did you have the same experience as Katy?

Michelle Mylett: Yes, I think so. I mean, he starts out incredibly confident and then he just keeps going… I don’t know where his ego comes from, but he’s a confident chick and it’s a lot of fun to play with someone like that. himself at all times. It also, has some great moments where we see her a little more vulnerable and fall for Dierks and get her heart broken. And even though he’s not a super emotive person in general, he’s been through something pretty humbling, and these sweet moments he’s had with the people around him in his life. Yeah, it’s cool to see him grow up and keep kicking people.

Lisa, similarly, how natural is it that delivering super fast wordplay in Letterkenny comes now after 11 seasons of doing it?

Lisa Codrington: I think you have to put in the work, you know? Like if you have nine pages and you go, go, go, I think you have to sit down and, and do it. But I mean, once you get it set up and everything’s ready to go and we run it and run it and run it, it all comes together really well. But yeah, I think it still needs work. You have to put in the work.

Michelle, the horror film tropes this season feels so personal. Is that part your idea? Which trope is your least favorite in real life?

Michelle Mylett: Ooh, not my idea. I can’t take credit for that, but I think the “Hey bitch,” where it’s a tough girl role trope was definitely something that pissed me off. I think the inhales too, which I really do. Maybe that’s a little personal where I’m like, “Maybe they’re talking about me and I need to stop doing that.” So, yeah, I don’t know. They all hold up.

Lisa Codrington: Yes, I like the inhale. This is my favorite.

Lisa, talking about the church bake sale robbery episode, what was it like to film more locations with all these characters?

Lisa Codrington: It was a blast. Everything was so fun and committed and silly. Like the skids that come in always kill me. So just watching them come in to solve the crime is absolutely hilarious and amazing. And again, Tanis and Glen, the combinations of people playing off each other … it’s really cool to see.

Michelle, at that stage, how did it feel to recreate the “Hey bitch” trope so clearly in the church?

Michelle Mylett: Nice. I mean, any opportunity I get to be physical on the skids – in a non-sexual way. Yes, they are very funny. They crack me up and I love this kind of enemy thing that Katy and Roald have for a reason. They are like nemeses, but they also have — I think — behind the scenes, a deep love that they have yet to fully explore. It’s like they should be best friends. That’s what I thought. There’s just this interesting tension between the two of them. So yes, I like it. It’s fun.

Lisa, Letterkenny has a large audience outside of Canada. How do you feel about being part of such a large and globally viewed piece of Canadian entertainment?

Lisa Codrington: I think it’s a little hard to wrap your head around, you know what I mean? Like I remember one time, being in the States, and there was some kind of airport going around and a guy was like, “Letterkenny!” And I was like, “Really? Okay.” It’s just random at this airport in Cleveland, there’s a fan. So it’s always cool to see where it’s gotten and the different things people get out of it. It always surprises me, but it’s amazing.

Michelle, the scenes with, you and the main trio are a real staple of the show, even all of these 11 seasons later. How has that experience of shooting those more relaxed scenes changed over the past 11 seasons, if at all?

Michelle Mylett: They haven’t changed at all to be honest. Those scenes were so much fun. There was also a lot of giggling and a lot of breaking and trying to one another all the time. So I always look forward to those. They’re also very fast, obviously all the dialogue in Letterkenny … like Lisa said, you have to put in the work, really rehearse, and be prepared because you’re not going to get a ton of takes. We shoot a lot of pages every day, we move very fast, and so you have to be prepared and ready. It’s fun. It’s kind of like … you have a rhythm with each other and we’ve all been working together for seven years and so I think that rhythm has become stronger. Yeah, those are some of my favorite scenes for sure.

What’s your favorite chip flavor?

Lisa Codrington: Oh wow. I’m really classic, like simple Ripples. That’s number one.

Dip, no dip?

Lisa Codrington: Hey, if there’s a dip I’m there, but I can still get into a simple rippled chip. So yeah, that’s me.

fair. Michelle?

Michelle Mylett: So it was actually a dill pickle and I think Jared knew that about me, so he wrote that chip so we could be more important. Because if there is a dill pickle chip, I eat it. Or a dill pickle Crisper. I love a Crisper.

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