Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya of Bachelor Nation Meet Her Ex Again

For her part, Michelle expressed that she has similar feelings.

“I’ve never felt love like this. And I love you with all my heart,” she said. “And never think about waking up next to anyone but you and doing life with anyone but you. And, finally, I want to stand in front of my soulmate, and he’s definitely standing in front of me.”

The couple is serious about being together forever, as they told E! News that their wedding will happen earlier than fans thought.

“Summer wedding for sure is what we agreed upon and just looking into the near future,” Nayte shared, with Michelle adding, “We want warm weather. I’m from Minnesota, she grew up in Winnipeg. You know, cold, snow .It’s beautiful, especially in an environment like this time of year, but definitely, for wedding vibes, we prefer the sun to shine and no snow on the ground. ”

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