Mike White Will Not Respond to Meghann Fahy’s White Lotus Theory

When asked by most of the host Jimmy Fallon if she thought anything was developing between Daphne and Ethan on the island, Meghann said, “Yeah, I think so.”

However, Meghann is quick to point out that she’s not sure — because they never shot anything that ended up on the cutting room floor.

“Which is the best thing about Mike,” Meghann argued. “I feel like he’s really interested in kind of suggesting something and then letting the audience decide how they feel about it. Kind of open to interpretation.”

For the record, Will Sharpe agrees with that too one thing definitely falls between his character Ethan and Daphne, speaking different in December“I feel like whatever happened, literally, that moment between them was definitely a moment of connection. It was a moment of intimacy. I think there was something about Daphne’s sense of self, and the accommodation that he found in who he was. , and how he lived. Something about that, I think, affected Ethan.”

That island sure has a story to tell.

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