Miley Cyrus Remembers Liam Who Gave Song “Malibu” 4 Years After Release

It has become an annual tradition for Miley Cyrus to share fond memories of “Malibu.”

The 28-year-old vocalist was taken on Instagram on Tuesday, May 11 to post a tribute to the song released on the same day in 2017. It tops No. 10 sa Billboard Hot chart of 100 and is the leading solo on his album Mas Bata Karon, which fell in September.

Miley shared the video of herself working on the song in her home studio, and the caption appears to refer to the ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, though he is not mentioned by name. The former couple also lived things off in 2015 and lived together in Malibu until their divorce in 2019.

“Today is Malibu’s 4 year anniversary,” he wrote. “A song about a place and person that at the time I loved so much. That love moved beyond what I can describe here with freedom and avoidance.

He continues to remember about his home in Malibu, that is destroyed by wildfires in California that damaged the area in November 2018. Two years later, Liam sold the rest of the house, according to media reports.

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