Minecraft Hit 140 Million Players, 1 Billion Market Items Sold

The Minecraft sandbox title continues to achieve success, surpassing today’s 140 million players and 1 billion Marketplace sales.

A recent Microsoft revenue call reveals this Minecraft over 140 million monthly players and 1 billion sales from the Minecraft Marketplace. The survival sandbox title, created by Mojang, was launched in early access back in 2009 and is growing to become one of the best-selling games of all time. The title continues to receive new content from the developer in the form of updates and expansions.

Despite the release more than a decade ago, the success of Minecraft continues to grow. Microsoft recently announced a new sign for the title, with the game’s Marketplace leading the generation of more than $ 350 million in modder revenue. the Minecraft Marketplace, launched in 2017, allows modders to make money by contributing to the community while fellow players purchase their mods to use in-game. Microsoft gives about 50% profit to mods makers, that explains Minecraft fans raised more than $ 17 million by making and selling mods.

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A Minecraft Franchise Fact Sheet issued by Microsoft reveals two major landmarks reached in the series in April 2021. The fact sheet reveals that the game this year reaches 140 million monthly active users, meaning many people are now playing Minecraft than at any point in the game’s history. The sheet also reveals that the Minecraft The market is driven by the sale of more than a billion unique interior mods, contributing $ 350 million in revenue from the sale of mods. These achievements help illustrate the continuing popularity of Minecraft more than a decade after the game’s release.

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The continuing popularity of Minecraft It’s also attested to by the game’s loyal and active fanbase, as the game’s creative nature results in always wild wonders of in-game work from this fanbase. A talent Minecraft newly made decorator a carpet based on the secret of the final master of the game, the Last Dragon. This carpet is shaped and colored to resemble the scary animal, with blocks of fleece and carpet used to give depth and texture to the decoration. The plot is intricately detailed, including the use of the dragon’s head to give the plot a certainty of realism and a quality three dimensions. Another has talent Minecraft newly carved a very large statue of Vayne, a popular Riot Games’ character League of Legends. This dedicated creator created an hour-long video of the carving process to give players an in-depth look at the construction of this unique monument.

It is impossible to deny the increasing popularity of Minecraft, along with new players and old fans making up the game’s fanbase. 140 million players is a huge amount, and 1 billion in sales Minecraft The market given to relative youth in appearance is impressive. With official updates still planned for the future, and allowing the Marketplace for ongoing fan content creation, Minecraft sure to maintain its place at the top of the gaming industry.

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Minecraft now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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