Mini Wine Cork Christmas Tree Decoration

Deck the halls with this festive wine cork Christmas tree decoration! This unique piece is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your holiday decorations. Made from recycled materials, it’s a great way to celebrate the season while making something special. Make these special Christmas trees for yourself or for gifts with unique colors in each!

pink and white ribbon cork mini tree with holiday tree in the backgruond

Christmas Tree Decoration in Wine Cork

This wine cork Christmas tree decoration is perfect for the holidays. It’s easy to make and will look great on your Christmas tree! All you need is some wine corks, hot glue, paint, beads, and ribbon. You can even customize it with any colors that best suit your home. It looks rustic but is still elegant and makes the ideal addition to any wood.

The best part about this project is that you don’t have to spend time doing it – just 15 minutes or less! So if you want something fun to do on the weekend but the holiday season leaves you short on time, this DIY wine cork Christmas tree decoration is perfect for you.

There are more beautiful ideas for mini Christmas trees you can make including one of my personal favorites, the paper straw mini wood decorations! Others include fake Christmas tree painted with gold pasta and even this little paper mini Christmas tree idea!

hand holding wine cork mini tree with pink and white ropes and ribbon

What Ways Can I Decorate My Wine Cork?

I used a beautiful ribbon on the outside of the trunk and added lobsters to match the pink and white on the front of the trunk. You can choose to decorate your tree the same or you can change it. Some ideas are below that can make your tree unique.

  • Use a different color scheme with more traditional holiday colors such as green, red, gold, silver, and blue.
  • Match the colors or ribbon of your holiday theme with the rest of your wood or home decor.
  • Use pom poms, sequins, or rhinestones instead of beads for a different look.
  • Replace the ropes with small ornaments for a more woody look.
  • Sprinkle the green cork tree before adding decorations to make it look more authentic.
  • Add a small set of battery-powered mini lights to your tree so that it will shine on top of the already glowing tree.
  • Apply glue and glitter to the corks before attaching the bead ornaments.

There is no end to how you decorate this cork tree. Just use your imagination and make it unique but still stay on budget and fit the rest of your decor.

small cork tree with pink beads on wooden table

Can I Hang It on the Christmas Tree?

While this wine cork Christmas tree decoration was not originally made as an ornament, it is easy to make it an ornament. You can add something to hang it and then place it on the tree.

Go traditional and use a normal metal hook or screw a hook over the corks to hang them on the tree. Another option is to tie more ribbon to it. You can also add some rope, thread, or ribbon to the corks as you attach them for a safer option of hanging them from your tree.

fake mini christmas tree with pink and white beads on white paper with snowman paper

Should I Repaint Wine Corks?

When it comes to painting the corks for this wine cork Christmas tree decoration completely depends on what you want to do. You can paint this tree any color you want, or you can be more traditional and paint the tree green. if you choose to leave out the natural corks of the wine, it will look great too.

There is no right or wrong answer to painting this decoration. If you choose to paint this wood decoration you will want to use acrylic craft paints. This is the best paint for covering wine corks because it is not water based. It is inexpensive and easy to use. Even children can use acrylics but be sure to cover your area with clothing. While it is easy to wash hands, it cannot be removed from clothing.

mini cork tree with pink and white beads on white table with red flower in background

Can I Make These Trees With Kids?

Yes. The only thing you need to watch out for when working with kids is cutting and gluing. While you can cut the wine corks in half before they can be assembled, you can easily replace the glue with something child-safe. There are several non-toxic adhesive options that are good for this. While baby school glue can be used, I prefer a non -toxic tacky craft glue for power control.

cork tree with pink ribbon and white faux snow beads with blue background

Supplies are needed

blue cutting mat with cork ribbon and beads

How to Make a Wine Cork Christmas Decoration

Cut 7 corks of wine.

hand cutting cork in half on blue cutting mat

Start gluing the corks starting with a line of three.

hands holding pieces of cork

Then add the top four of those at an angle so that they are not centered.

gluing cork together

In the third layer, add three corks, then a set of two, and finally a piece of cork to form the shape of the tree.

Tie the ribbon to the outside of the wood with glue if needed and place a nice bow on top.

scissors cutting the ribbon wrapped around the cork trunk

Next, glue the two pieces to the side, then attach them to the base of the wood under the ribbon.

Finally, glue the ropes between each cork as mini decorations until you enjoy the look.

glue gun gluing beads to cork shaft

You can finish it off with glitter or add another length of ribbon or a hook to hang on your tree.

small cork tree made in front of the holiday tree

Easier Miniature Christmas Tree Decoration

Since Christmas is all about having fun and decorating the things you love, make it and the ideas below work for your own unique style. I love small Christmas trees because they can be used all over the house or office. Below are some favorites you should keep as ideas. Bookmark them, print tutorials, or pin ideas on Pinterest to get it done right away!

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cork tree with pink ribbon and white faux snow beads with blue background

This mini wine cork Christmas tree decoration is a great idea to add to your tree or as part of your holiday decor this year!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost
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You can also paint it with green craft paint then spray a little fake snow for a more realistic wood look.

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Completed Project Gallery

Woman wearing a sweater holding a small cork tree in front of the feast tree

Add this wood to your centerpieces, coats, or even hang on wood!

small cork tree with pink beads on holiday paper

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