Missed Arrowverse A Great Crossover Opportunity For Legends and Supergirl

When Legends mentioned Alex Danvers & DEO at its premiere, it reminded me that a good Arrowverse Crossover with Supergirl would have been before.

When Legends of Tomorrow Nate Heywood mentioned the contact Supergirlthe DEO and Alex Danvers for help in rescuing kidnapped Sara Lance, this is just one prime example of one of the most underrated moments in the Arrowverse. Bringing the alien-fighting organization to National City and Alex’s connection to their lost leader is a vision of what could be one of the most powerful crucifixes in the Arrowverse.

Except for Supergirl, the Arrowverse displays do not always deal with creatures from another planet. The Arrowverse crossover with an attack from the Dominators without using the Girl of Steel and her first knowing how to defeat the aliens by benchmarking her with Oliver Queen at a critical moment in their final battle. Next time a crossover is negotiated with a foreigner the introduction to The Monitor in “Elseworlds” whose actions later led to the destruction of the multiverse in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Most of the performances have yet to recover or properly deal with the Earth-Prime reset that makes up the new Arrowverse.

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Legends of Tomorrow starting its sixth season with Captain Sara Lance kidnapped by aliens is the perfect setup for a crossover that could go a long way in correcting previous mistakes in the Arrowverse. Even if COVID restrictions prevent entire teams from the same performances from collaborating, a successful crossover may be possible with just one core. Supergirl characters like Supergirl, Alex, or possibly J’onn J’onzz or Kelly Olsen as Guardian. However, Legends was revealed to have no contact with Supergirl crews from Crisis, to the point that they unaware that Supergirl’s DEO was broken by, ironically, aliens. Stories an Alex Danvers video chat cameo could have been used, which didn’t cause any production difficulties. Sure, the Stories The crew could have gotten some useful information from Supergirl characters

Stories and Supergirl has the most potential for a strong crossover, in line with how well the team members have worked together in the past. Some of the strongest parts of the crisis in “Crisis on Earth X” are Ray Palmer’s Atom working to save Supergirl and the team-up of Two of Arrowverse’s best original characters: Alex Danvers and Sara Lance. The lack of follow-up on that partnership has dampened the missed opportunity to reunite the two fan-favorites sharing a fun dynamic. A new one Supergirl / Stories The crossover can show a bond of friendship between them like the one that is highlighted in every crossover between Oliver and Barry. Unfortunately, developing strong female friendships is something Arrowverse explores as much as possible. Arrowverse heroines are often shown interacting with female friends, even in Stories, where female characters have a lot of properties.

Apparently, the strongest argument for a Supergirl and Stories crossover in Stories it was the sixth time Supergirl’s usually the alien team would have the full backup to help Stories with their foreign difficulty. While the two quirky groups would have had a chance to cross much earlier SupergirlLast time, COVID bans made this impossible Stories The current season could be more of a mini-crossover. In the end, Arrowverse decided to do even a little more and skip any kind of crossover in favor of a shaky line of speech. That there are COVID bans still in place and By Supergirl last season focused on the interior, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrows dream crossover is unlikely to happen. While there is always a chance a Supergirl The character may jump aboard the Waverider on the adventure in the future, it’s always a huge missed opportunity that the Arrowverse doesn’t take advantage of their crossover potential.

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