Monster Hunter Rise Fan Completes 1,000 Origami Switch Axes Journey

A fan embarks on a journey to complete 1,000 Origami Switch Axes in Monster Hunter Rise. The journey is over, and they want to.

A Rise of Monster Hunter The player successfully creates 1,000 Origami Switch Axes to get what they want. Last month Twitter user Ceph0rend posted they were going trying to make 1,000 Origami Switch Axes. The importance of the number comes from the in-game description, where it is said that whoever collects 1,000 of them will be given a wish.

The Origami Ax is a special weapon design that players can create Stand up. Parts from Aknosom, Volvidon and Almudron are needed to make, as well as Kamura tickets. Monster Hunter there is always something unique, comedic, or special weapon in the entire history of the series. Sometimes plans are community -based. Monster Hunter WorldWyvern Ignition Great Sword Wyvern is the winner of a community weapon design contest made by Capcom, such as the Black Eagle Charge Blade.

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Uses Twitter Ceph0rend It was posted that they had completed all 1,000 Switch Axes and had their dream – the ducks out Monster Hunter Frontier. Desire cannot be hidden for those who do not too familiar with Monster Hunter. The border an online spin-off game expanded on the original series. It is known for its extremely high combat style, monster plots, and unique weapons exclusive to the series. The ducks themselves are known as Gu-Ku, which are pet animals similar to Poogie or Kahoot. Like other pets, Gu-Kus can change their names and clothes. There are also various duck -based weapon designs that players can play with. The border.

The borderThe return of the ducks may not be possible because Capcom refuses to use the content from The border. Part of it is because anyone of the many original monsters from the game needs to be remade from the ground up to work with the main game series. Gu-Kus can do it Arise because they weren’t a monster hunter at first, but Capcom may be hesitant due to fans ’unfamiliar pet.

Whether or not Ceph0rend wants to be granted remains to be seen, while the community waits for a response from Capcom. The company has listened to a lot of fan feedback, so it’s possible it has something planned for this occasion. However, finishing with 1,000 Switch Axes is a good deal, considering the amount of Aknosoms, Almudrons and Volvidons they have to hunt to get all the weapon parts. It will be interesting to see if Capcom rewards Ceph0rend for their dedication to completing this arsenal.

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Rise of Monster Hunter now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Origin: Ceph0rend / Twitter

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