Montana Story movie review and movie summary (2022)

Modern audiences are unlikely to be tolerant of silence and contemplation, and the writing is likely to be somewhat schematic in some ways; the family breakdown at the center of the story as well as some images and plot elements evoke 1960s rural melodramas such as “Hud” and “The Last Picture Show“powerful and effective but wear metaphors on their denim shirt-sleeves and are likely to be written” old “by modern audiences., and it’s often a pleasure to watch a film made in this way at a time some filmmakers dare to try it.

Owen Teague (in “Blood line“and” The Stand “) stars as Cal, a young man who returns to his family home to manage the estate of his deceased father, who is in a coma after a stroke.Haley Lu Richardson in “Ravenswood”), who was separated from the family for years after his rebellion against their father. Without giving too much, suffice it to say that paternal betrayals are in line with a tradition that flows through film noir and revisionist Westerns and connects the tradition to ancient Greek tragedy: violence and grief that separates Erin from the family is directly involved. to betray the father of legal, ethical, and moral rules, and all of this is folded into a more dubious view of American history than is taught in most public schools.

There is a long, thoughtful sequence where the brothers look at a gaping and completely useless hole in the ground that their father’s legal and business advice helped dig a corporation into. mining, and Erin schooled her brother in the circles of Hell described in Dante’s. Inferno and recounts them back in their family history and the state superficially and evasively defined to school-age children especially by praising for its “great sky”.

But the filmmakers are careful not to allow situations to become too abstract, always recounting them back to the siblings and their family homestead, as well as the economic surrounding community-factors. which will also affect their assistant Valentina (Kimberly Guerrero); nurse to their father, a Kenyan immigrant named Ace (Gilbert Owuor); and their father’s weary horse, which Cal decided to put to sleep, but which Erin forcibly decided to move to the high state of New York. (Erin’s healing of the horse’s rescue was a redemption, rewriting a step directly related to her own trauma at the father’s hands.)

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