Morbius Is The New Mutants Of 2022 As Marvel Fans Mock 7th Release Date

The history of wonder seems to repeat itself in Sony’s Morbius and its many delays, which feels reminiscent of The New Mutants.

as Morbius Delayed for the seventh time, it was declared by Marvel fans next New Mutants. After last fall Poison: Let There Be Death and MCU production Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony is looking for more of this Marvel universe with Morbius. The film stars Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, a skilled scientist plagued by a rare blood disease. While searching for a cure, he begins an experiment that leaves him with a form of vampirism. Morbius they also star Jared Harris, Adria Arjona, Matt Smith, and Michael Keaton, who returned to his role from Spider-Man: Return… anyway.

In the beginning, Morbius It is scheduled to be released in July 2020. When the coronavirus pandemic begins, however, it will be delayed several times. Sometimes even moving in just weeks, Morbius moved from July to March 2021, then to October 2021. It was later bumped into January 2022, where it briefly held two different dates. Most recently, Sony rescheduled Morbius for April, making this the 7th delay Marvel film has received. As concerns over the current state of the pandemic have led to the latest adjustment of the release date, so too No PauliIts continued reign at the box office.


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Morbius not the first film to suffer endless delays. Actually, this isn’t the first Marvel movie. As many social media fans noticed after Morbius‘delay, it’s like what happened The New Mutants, another Marvel film that has struggled to find a concrete release date for years. Even if their circumstances vary in some areas, there is no question that it feels like history is repeating itself. Check out some fan reactions below.

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The New Mutants is the last X-Men movie to be done by Fox before the studio was bought by Disney. Originally set to return in 2018, the superhero-horror film found itself in limbo due to the Fox-Disney deal, despite taking the release calendar for a while. The coronavirus pandemic is particularly troubling The New Mutants‘debut, as it once seemed ready for release in April 2020. Finally, it came with a muted debut in August 2020; in total, it was delayed four times and had 5 different release dates.

Now, Morbius‘The situation is a little different, because the pandemic is largely the cause of its delays. The Omicron variant is changing concerns about the public space, including theaters, and this is likely to prompt Sony to push. Morbius to April. At the same time, many of the delays endured by this film automatically lead to questions about its overall quality. In the end, The New Mutants received negative-to-mix reviews and disappeared from the public eye quickly. Now a similar account is sniffed around Morbius. This film may exceed expectations and be a pleasant surprise, but fans will have to wait until April to find out.

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  • Morbius (2022)Release date: Apr 01, 2022
  • Kraven the Hunter (2023)Release Date: Jan 13, 2023

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