Movie Review of Bob’s Burgers Movie (2022)

If you’re not familiar with one of the most iconic animated films of modern times, “Bob’s Burgers” is the story of the Belcher family, led by burger man Bob Belcher (H. Jon Benjamin). He runs a small restaurant in an unusual part of town with a funeral home next door and an Italian companion across the street, run by his enemy. His wife Linda (John Roberts) is eternally optimistic about Bob’s anxiety — he even calls his anxious part “Droopy Bob” in the movie. They have three children: nervous Tina (Dan Mintz), creative Gene (Eugene Mirman), and chaotic Louise (Kristen Schaal). Their owner is the eccentric Calvin Fischoeder (a fantastic game Kevin Kline) and their best customer Teddy (Larry Murphy) have a habit of stealing the stages between burger bites.

This big screen adaptation hit the ground when Bob and Linda found out they had seven days to pay off the bank loan they couldn’t afford. On the same day, a large sinkhole opened in front of their restaurant, which you could tell negatively affected business. At school, Tina was excited to make Jimmy Jr. (also Benjamin) to her summer boyfriend; Gene keeps trying to get his band, The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee, off the ground; and Louise struggled with self -confidence when she was called a child by older women. Most of the characters face skepticism on some level — in business, in a boy, in art, in adulthood. The writers of “Bob’s Burgers” have always been able to thread relatable, emotional issues through their always wide, crazy, Broadway music-inspired scripts in a way that will hide you.

Any “Bob’s Burgers” fan will tell you that the original music was a big part of the movie and there were some great numbers in “The Bob’s Burgers Movie,” even if I could still have a couple. The highlights are the opening number that starts the story on a perfect note and a good portion of the carnival workers producing some impressive choreography, but the musical aspect is especially fallen for the revelations. in a mystery plot if it as one of the Fischoeders could have committed murder.

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