Mrs. Dimitrescu of resident Evil Announces Domino’s Pizza

Lady Dimitrescu, a resident of Evil Village, used Domino’s Pizza to help sell its baked goods to hungry players playing Capcom’s new game.

Bad Village to the resident captured the hearts and minds of many, including Domino’s Pizza. The main pizza chain is already in use Residents of Evil residents breakout star, Lady Dimitrescu, to sell its pizzas, seemingly using the thirst of the character’s people to try and entice players to order food.

Residents of Evil residents Lady Dimitrescu is a hot topic for many months now. The vampire made a name for himself because of his sheer height, causing many to form even more severe “crushes” of the character. Many use his irrational qualities and obsession with nature to create a lot of memes, but it’s only an hour before the action brands.

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Pizza chain Domino’s Pizza started tweeting about Lady Dimitrescu to celebrate the release of Bad Village to the resident. The worldwide pizza brand tweeted an ugly name of the vampire devouring Domino’s Pizza, warning fans from the new game and arranging some for themselves. This is classic cross-brand marketing, except that Capcom probably won’t be able to do this viral marketing. Residents of Evil residents Lady Dimitrescu also the subject of a recent YouTube parody that wonders what the character would look like in an action figure, which perfectly captured the laughter of both the character and some of his fans.

Even if Lady Dimitrescu is only a small part of Bad Village to the residentstory of, he probably won’t forget. The character leaves a lasting impression on players and has the most memorable level in the entire game, thanks to a sprawling castle full of mysteries and scary history. Capcom didn’t seem to expect the character to have such a huge influence on fans, but it’s probably the most unintentional marketing ploy the company can make.

With that said, it’s no surprise that the likes of Domino’s Pizza want to take Capcom’s serendipitous marketing strategy and do it themselves. Not only do people respond well to these types of cross-brand promotions, however seeing Lady Dimitrescu specific pizza diet perhaps to communicate on the internet. With all the hype around Bad Village to the resident lately, there has probably been no shortage of memes circulating on social media in the coming weeks. Capcom is reportedly already developing a sequel, but it looks like Lady Dimitrescu is unlikely to make a comeback, disappointing fans.

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