Ms. Marvel: How Brie Larson Became Iman Vellani’s Mentor

Captain Marvel to the rescue!

On June 8, Ms. Marvel finally came to our small screens and was introduced Iman Vellani, who stars as Kamala Khan, a teenage Muslim hero. And while Vellani is still new to the Marvel Universe, she has a mentor by her side to help her adjust. The mentor, you ask? None other than Captain Marvel himself, Brie Larson.

“Brie actually reached out to me like a week after I got the part,” Iman said in an interview with E! Twitter news series, While You’re Streaming. “We just chatted in video chat for hours, shared stories. I listened to him give me very good advice on how to take care of yourself because you can get lost in the world and the everything can be overwhelming and it’s a lot of emotions and new experiences ”

She continues, “Just hearing of someone as strong and successful as Brie with the same problems I’m going through is just comforting.”

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