MultiVersus Leak Shows Black Adam and Gremlins Key Art

MultiVersus it seems that it can’t be stopped from being leaked. A new leaked promotional image shows two new characters coming to the game, revealing that DC Comics’ Black Adam and Gremlins‘ Stripe is both set to come to the platform fighter in the future.

Twitter user logan_lafferty spotted the key art on the Xbox Store, who accidentally leaked other information in the past, too. The picture is a bit low res and hard to see, but it clearly shows Black Adam and Stripe.

However, Twitter user Rezztro (as shared by InTheShadeMV) found a higher resolution image that shows the pair more clearly. The poster is in the style of the current key art starring Shaggy and Batman. It is possible that it will be used in the coming season.

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The First Player Game does not define or comment on these two characters, because it is still focused on the launch of Season 1 company with Rick and Morty. Neither are Black Adam and Stripe in the alleged roster leak featuring Rick, Morty, and LeBron James in addition to a ton of unconfirmed characters. However, Gizmo is from Gremlins Included in that list, it means that Player First may have chosen to go with an antagonist from the series instead of the protagonist.

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