Museum of Me: At-Home Activity

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” can always be heard coming out of my 3 year old’s mouth. Like most preschoolers, she is in a never-ending quest for freedom and learning how to do things for herself. This is a fun stage but can also be challenging for busy parents. It was a challenge for me-especially when my 8-year-old daughter went through this stage of development.

In 2020 we are bringing the Smithsonian® into our classrooms with the introduction of Discoveries, a series of project challenges using artifact images from the renowned Smithsonian collection. It’s an exciting collaboration that gives kids a window into history, their world, and the larger universe around them – all without leaving our centers.

My Museum

This Museum of Me in-house activity brings museum learning from the classroom to your home. Inspired by resources designed for Discoveries, our Museum of Me activity is curated for families to do at home with their child. The act of putting together a collection of favorite objects, memories, and other pieces allows a child to tell their “story” visually.

To create a Museum of Me in your home, simply print out the resources linked below.

Museum of Me activity

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