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Netflix has announced the cast of 13: The Musical, a film adaptation of the 2009 Broadway Musical. The cast will feature 14 upcoming actors.

The look of the film adaptation of the film 13: The Musical found its stars. 13: The Musical, written by Dan Elisha and Robert Horn and music by Jason Robert Brown, premiered on Broadway in 2009. The story features the story of 12-year-old Evan Goldman moving from New York City to a small Indiana town after his parents. chaotic divorce. It recounts Evan’s struggle to struggle with life at his new school as his Bar Mitzvah approaches. The original Broadway production primarily starred Elizabeth Gillies and pop sensation, Ariana Grande, both went on to star in Nickelodeon’s victorious.

After a nationwide search, Netflix has officially released the young movie stars. Among the 14 actors reported by Deadline, will include in the cast Disney Channel’s Ramon Reed Just Roll It, JD McCrary – the voice of Young Simba in Disney’s live -action adaptation The Lion King, Frankie McNellis of ABC’s Itom-ish, Khiyla Aynne at Netflix’s Do It, Lindsey Blackwell, Eli Golden, and more. The roles to be played by the 14 young stars, as well as the Netflix release date for the film, have yet to be announced. The book’s writer, Elish, is set to write on the screen, and Brown will return to make new music exclusive to the feature film. High School Musicals: The Musicals: The Series‘Tamra Davis will be in charge.

The Netflix Prom

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This is a recent Broadway musical adaptation on Netflix The Prom, starring Meryl Streep and James Corden, which grossed nearly $ 200 million worldwide, 13: The Musical likely to achieve the same level of success as the streaming platform. Lots of likes The PromThe appearance of future actress Jo Ellen Pellman, 13: The Musical likely to bring 14 relatively unknown cast members to the mainstream and devote them to careers in the film and television industry. In addition, the Netflix cast shows more POC artists and performers, making for an even more unseen representation. 13: The Musicaloriginal Broadway cast. 13: The Musical sure to hit Netflix viewers.

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Source: Deadline

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