My Eccentric Public Persona Is Just A “Character”

As we got from many lists and YouTube montages, viewing Aubrey Plaza Aubrey Plaza alone is a treat. But the eccentric persona of the actress is often just that: a persona. the White Lotus star is candid about dealing with shyness and insecurities under the public eye in a new Vanity Fair cover story.

“I’m more social, like, anxious and introverted than people expect, I think,” Plaza explained. “I’m as insecure as anyone, and I’m probably more shy than people think. But obviously the way I deal with that is, like, extreme behavior. “

From brilliantly deflecting some potentially compromising interview questions to deliberately shocking Hollywood’s elite, Plaza’s weirdness often results in the elimination of his own self-doubt: “You see all the colors of my psychological state reflected in any of these. [TV] interviews,” he said. “It’s a struggle for me every time. It’s a struggle to not quote-unquote ‘give the people what they want,’ which is – I don’t know what they want want – and try to have fun for myself without coming off like an asshole. I think it all comes from — I’m scared. I’d rather be a character. I mean, that’s literally what I do. “

But Plaza fans can still rest easy​​​​​​​knowing that the deadpan, milk-snorting, devil-thanking “character” we know isn’t entirely fictional, but more than just an uber -exaggerated version of himself: “I tried to maintain some authenticity, for better or for worse,” he clarified. “That’s the goal. If all else fails, at least be true.”

Earlier this year in FallonPlaza revealed how he lost a place of disposal on Saturday Night Live at home auditions; luckily for him, he finally got to host an episode, when he reprized him Parks and Recreation breakout paper, April Ludgate.

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