Netflix Announces Price Increase

Netflix and the chill became more expensive. Now, the streaming giant Office has partnered it will raise the prices of all its plans in the US.

The most basic level is from $ 8.99 to $ 9.99 per month, while the price of the most popular, standard level will go up by more than a dollar from $ 13.99 per month to $ 15.49 and the premium level will go up by a whole two. dollars from $ 15.99 to $ 17.99.

The price change immediately affected new subscribers, while launching “slowly” to current subscribers. The company promises to email members 30 days before the hike is implemented.

Basically, whatever plan you subscribe to, you’ll pay a little to indulge Emily in Paris, Cheer, ug Cobra Kai, or see a shirtless Antoni Porowski giving his dog an incomprehensible shocking bath over and over again in the latest season of Eye Type.

“We understand that people have more entertainment options than ever before and we are committed to delivering a better experience for our members,” a Netflix spokesperson said. The deadline. “We’ve updated our prices so we can continue to offer many different quality entertainment options. As always we offer a variety of plans so members can choose a price that works for their budget.”

The increases had an impact on streamer’s overall stock prices, which got a $ 2 explosion after the announcement, ending the trading day at $ 528 per share. Netflix last added its prices in October 2020, when the cost of both standard and premium plans is increased, but the standard package remains the same.

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